CSI Camera error

I have two cameras connected to the TX2 (port A and port C).

The devices are listed as: /dev/video0 and /dev/video1

I can get the streaming correctly from the camera on the port A. However, when I try to open the camera streaming on the port C, I get this errors on nvcamera-daemon logs

PowerServiceCore:handleRequests: timePassed = 1160
NvViErrorDecode Stream 2.0 failed: ts 584189821152 frame 7 error 2 data 0x004000
NvViErrorDecode CaptureError: CsimuxFrameError (2)
NvViErrorDecode See https://wiki.nvidia.com/wmpwiki/index.php/Camera_Debugging/C
aptureError_debugging for more information and links to documents.
CsimuxFrameError_Regular : 0x00400062
    Stream ID                [ 2: 0]: 2
    VPR state from fuse block    [ 3]: 0
    Frame end (FE)              [ 5]: 1
        A frame end has been found on a regular mode stream.
    CSI_FAULT                   [ 6]: 1
        An FE packet was found and marked with a CSI Error
    CSI_CODE                 [25:20]: 0x4
        Check the CSI specification for the meaning. See https://wiki.nvidia.com
captureErrorCallback Stream 2.0 capture 1 failed: ts 584189821152 frame 7 error 
2 data 0x00400062

This page is not available https://wiki.nvidia.com/wmpwiki/index.php/Camera_Debugging/CaptureError_debugging

These two sensor are different?
The log show the CRC error. Have a check below link.


I’m using the same cameras OV5693. In fact, looking the error code it gives me:

bit 23 Line short error

I can confirm ov5693 is no problem working for all of csi port due to e3333 is 6 ov5693 design.
I think it could be sensor board HW problem.