CSI Camera Index


I have two CSI cameras connected to Jetson Xavier NX. I would like to find out which camera is connected to CAM_0 or CAM_1 on the board. I can only get the camera index when I run the ls /dev/video* command. Any help would be appreciated.

Akhil Reddy

You can know which one by the i2c bus.
Check the bus by b4l2-ctl --list-devices like below, the bus number is 30,31,32 …

vi-output, ov5693 30-0036 (platform:15700000.vi:0):

vi-output, ov5693 31-0036 (platform:15700000.vi:1):

vi-output, ov5693 32-0036 (platform:15700000.vi:2):

vi-output, ov5693 33-0036 (platform:15700000.vi:3):

vi-output, ov5693 34-0036 (platform:15700000.vi:4):

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