CSI Camera on jetson Android

I wish to bringup a CSI Camera on the jetson-tk1( ov5653). (https://github.com/NVIDIA/android-manifest)

Can anyone help me with a guide or what needs to be enable in defconfig or the suggested changes? or the driver for linux for the above sensor that works on jetson-tk1

It’s impossible to bring up a CSI sensor on android system without user space source code due to TK1 camera software arch is much old. But if on the L4T you can bring it up with soc_camera framework.

You mean, Camera HAL(tegra.camera.so) does not currently support CSI Camera on jetson-tk1?

I means you don’t have enough user space source code like libnvodm_imager.so

And I suspect is not there something which I can upgrade or easily available?

As TK1 camera software is must binding the user space driver and kernel driver on android that’s impossible to bring up CSI sensor without full source code.

What all CSI camera sensors are supported on Android jetson [ https://github.com/NVIDIA/android-manifest ] for which we do not need a source code for libnvodm_imager.so?

Also, Can you help me with instructions to bring ov5653 sensor[ with linux driver] to bring it up on L4T jetson-tk1?

Hi Kart
Tk1 android camera is’t flexibility to add an new sensor event the same module but the HW like power/reset pin is different. The link to get the source isn’t fully I can’t see any user space driver there I believe it’s only the source for android framework and kernel source.

For the L4T you can search “soc_camera TK1” to find relative topics