CSI Camera on Jetson Nano custom carrier board Issue

Hi, I am struggling with device tree. I am a begineer in device tree. Here is the problem statement:

I am using Custom Board with Jetson Nano and IMX477 cam MIPI CSI Interface. I able to detect the device using ls/dev/video* but I am unable to stream. Error is something like “Cannot get HW Buffer from FD”. My custom board config is all similar to nvidia developer kit just i need to MIPI CSI4 Interface for streaming on my custom board with jetson nano. I am going through the spreadsheet where the default GPIO and Pinmux sheet, I downloaded which gives two .dtsi files. Can I add CSI4 PWDN, CSI4 MCLK directly on spreadsheet and compile and generate two update .dtsi file is this work for me two enable MIPI CSI4 interface or i need to make changes in other dtb file ??? Please help me, I am newbly to this… I am providing you my Custom Board CSI4 Pinouts for your help.

CSI4_CLK_N 52 52
CSI4_CLK_P 54 54
CSI4_D0_N 46 46
CSI4_D0_P 48 48
CSI4_D1_N 58 58
CSI4_D1_P 60 60

CSI4_D2_N 40 40
CSI4_D2_P 42 42
CSI4_D3_N 64 64
CSI4_D3_P 66 66

The above pins are found in the default spreadsheet of nvidia jetson.



The above PWDN and MCLK pinouts are of my custom board.

How to write correct value for CSI4 PWDN and MCLK in the “Customer Usage” in pinmux spreadsheet ?

hello afzal.hasan,

may I know which Jetpack release version you’re working with.
you should not modify the pinmux spreadsheets if you’re not changing board schematic.
first of all, please also refer to Port Index section, you may review your sensor/CSI/VI port bindings definitions.


I am using CSI 0 and 1. Now, Currently I want to use CSI4 on our custom carrier board on jetson nano. How to enable this CSI4.

hello afzal.hasan,

that’s CSI-E, you should modify device tree to have port binding definition to port-index=<4>; for CSI and VI.
please see-also developer guide, Port Binding.

Do i need to make changes in the existing default dtb file for CSI4 port -index =<4> for CSI and VI ?

hello afzal.hasan,

IMX477 it’s by default with 2-lane configuration, and they’re using CSI-A and CSI-E on developer kits.
you should also check Jetson Nano Product Design Guide for [Table 8-1. CSI Pin Description], it’s 2nd camera connector that used CSI-E actually.

Their is a multiple default dtb files so do i need to make changes in every files for enabling CSI4 for using IMX477 ?

hello afzal.hasan,

it should not changes, as long as you’re not modify the board schematic.
please gather the kernel reported failure messages for reference.

All configurations are default same like Nvidia Developer Kit.

Additional Changes to the below pinouts,

Custom Carrier Board Pinouts of CSI4



hello afzal.hasan,

I don’t really understand your question,
please check [Figure 8-2. Available Cameral Control Pins].

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