CSI Camera Purple Haze on Image

Hi NVIDIA community,

I recently got started on the Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano course. I haven’t gotten to deep into it until I notice a “purple haze” on the vertical edges of my image output pictured below:


The image was captured by running the script csi_camera.ipynb pre-loaded from the course sd image.

Any guidance in regards to this would be very much appreciated!

Bonus details:

Camera: Camera IMX219-160


My thoughts on what it could possibly be:

  1. “an aftereffect only noticeable at crazy high ISOs”

I only recall having the camera ON with the lens lid on for a good minute… maybe this triggered something?

  1. Maybe camera was left ON for too long and sensor got burnt?

  2. Defective camera. Although I remember it being good during the first uses.

  3. SOL??


This looks similar to an issue we have seen before: Near Infrared light unexpectedly entering from the sides.

If the camera does not have a NIR-blocking cover or the sensor board PCB is not well-design , the light may enter from the back of the PCB or through the plastic lenses and lens body.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. That’s a great point. Although it used to output the image properly before, the camera hasn’t been miss-used in any way to create any gaps in its construction…

Probably nothing to do with the module but, now there is more sun-light in the room meaning more NIR light as well! Could be as simple as that.

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