csi camera raw data bit order problem.

I am debugging csi camera(YUV422 4 lane), use max9288(deserializer) and max96705(serializer). Now I can capture raw YUV422 data, but I found the bit order is reversed, ie the data byte is lsb first. I didnt find how to change bit order in 9288 and 96705’s manual.And after i read the mipi csi2 protocol, I find the yuv422 transmission is lsb first. So I dont know where is the problem now… maybe the camera manufacture?

How do you check the bit order is reversed?

I processed the raw data in matlab(yuv to rgb) and it is totally a mess.But after I reverse the bit order , I can clearly see the picture.

I think you need to fixed it from the device side. Tegra won’t don any order change as it’s receive from the MIPI bus only.

the MIPI csi spec V2 says: “YUV 422 Bit order in transmission follows the general CSI-2 rule, LSB first” in page 1319. So can I conclude that the csi port received raw data is LSB first?

Yes, we receive data follow the spec.

I solved this problem, max96705 crossbar can change bit order.


I am facing same issue, is it possible to share the register settings