Csi camera source identifier

hey @dusty_nv im trying to give my arducam imx477 CSI camera as soucre for yolov8 on jetson nano by passing argument source=0 but it is trying to access my USB camera how do i provide my CSI camera as source what is the identifier can you please help me out i prefer to not to use deepstream is there a way
thanks alot!!
my jetpack version 4.6.o
arducam imx477 sensor csi caamera

Please confirm you use Jetson Nano or Orin Nano. If you use Jetpack 4.6, it should be Jetson Nano, but the category is Orin Nano. Would like to clarify which platform you are using.

hey @DaneLLL im using jetson nano…
sorry for the wrong category

@yogeshedigem2409 which code are you using to run your model? If that project doesn’t already have support for MIPI CSI camera, you would need to add it in (or use another library like DeepStream to run the model which already supports MIPI CSI).

If the YOLO code you are using already uses GStreamer / cv2.VideoCapture(), you can change the GStreamer pipeline to use nvarguscamerasrc instead of vl42src like here: https://github.com/JetsonHacksNano/CSI-Camera/blob/master/simple_camera.py

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