CSI Driver Development Based on ADV7604


I want to develop driver for CSI on TX2, bellow is my architecture:

  1. I have ADV7604 decoder which will give output in RGB888, which is given to FPGA input.
  2. our FPGA is non programmable. it will give output in CSI Format(RGB888).

now i have ADV7604 driver, which is based on v4l2. i want port it to for CSI and want capture video data through Gstreamer. please provide your input how should i go forward.

Bankesh Roy

Reference to below topic to developer the driver.


Hi ShaneCCC,

I am already referring the Driver Development Document, but in my case our device is neither sensor, flasher, or focuser.

i have ADV7604 which give parallal RGB data, and than FPGA which is not programmable. CSI will get data from FPGA. now can i have to make dummy node for FPGA in Device tree.

Bankesh Roy.

Yes, you can reference to ov5693 and remove all of the i2c part as dummy video driver.