CSI Input and Encoding and Decoding Specs

Hello All,
Simple question: What is the highest resolution and frame rate of the CSI input of the Xavier NX?

The specs indicate it encodes at 4kp30 and decodes at 4kp60. I’ve encoded raw content with various codecs e.g. MPEG4, HEVC, etc. So I’ve assumed that’s what encoding spec is for. And the decoding spec is to accept the encoded content and do something with it, say for input.

So, logically I’ve assumed that the decode is for incoming video, thus it will accept content that is 4kp60. And encoding would be for sending it out, say streaming over IP at 4kp30.

Is this correct?


Have a check below link for the detail information.

Greetings Shane,
Thanks for the info. It does have info pertaining to the input on the CSI. Just broken into data lanes and data rates. No simple resolution and frame rate. :-( Time to break out the TI-85 and crunch some numbers I guess.