CSI/MIPI retimer issues

Hello, I am trying to interface my Jetson Nano with a CSI camera through a SN65DPHY but have been unsucessful so far.

I do know the routing is OK because the second camera, which is closer to the Jetson does work normally and the CSI for both cams uses the same routing.

The way I have it set up right now is

->ZIF connector

D0: 295.239mm
D1: 295.224mm
CLK: 295.151mm


D0: 13.962mm
D1: 14.047mm
CLK: 13.863mm

->Jetson Nano

I have tried these hardware settings and nothing seems to workL

eq/scl | erc/sda | cfg0 | cfg1
VIL | VIL | VIL | VIL -------> fail
VIH | VIL | VIL | VIL -------> fail
VIH | VIL | VIL | VIH -------> fail
VIM | VIL | VIL | VIH -------> fail
VIM | VIL | VIL | VIL -------> fail
VIM | VIM | VIM | VIM -------> fail
VIL | VIH | VIL | VIL -------> fail

The routing rules are .27mm trace width and .15mm gap.
The stack-up is

Top layer: 35um
Dielectric: 355um
Layer 1: 35um
Dielectric: 700mm
Layer 2: 35um
Dielectric: 355um
Bottom layer: 35um

Does anybody know how to debug int further, a known working configuration or what I have done wrong because I have check my Zdiffs and stuff and it seems to be fine.

Thanks for your help in advance!

hello aerakhtin,

you may refer to Camera Design Guide, please check design guide for the recommendations and guidelines.

Dear, I have already read this document, but as far as I can tell there is nothing there that might help me?
I assume my issues are with timing desync downstream from the buffer IC. Or perhpas some attenuation issues? Thing is, I am not getting my picture stream from this camera only.

There is nothing wrong pin-out wise here, right? There is no ground on 4mm of the D0_N, as you can see on the picture below, but I would not think that could be an issue? It’s not referenced to this plane.

hello aerakhtin,

am I understand correctly that you would like to extend the transmission distance of CSI signaling?
for example,
here’s camera module supported by Nano platform, Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2.