CSI Port ESD protection alternative components

In the Jetson Nano Dev board schematic there are some ESD protection devices (D50, D52, etc) for the CSI differential signals, part number LESD5VD8LCD-R. These do not seem to be available anywhere so I wonder if there are recommended alternative components?

We have no other recommendation. You should be able to find other general ESD device of CSI in public market.

FYI, the features of LESD5VD8LCG-R are as below:

Off State Junction Capacitance CJ (VR=0V,f=1MHZ) <1.2 pF
150W Peak Pulse Power per line (tp=8/20μS waveform)
Very low leakage current ,maximum of 50 nA @VRWM
61000-4-2(ESD):Contact ±20KV,Air±20KV
61000-4-4(EFT):40A-5/50 uS
61000-4-5(Surge):5A, 8/20 uS Level 1(line-ground)&Level 2(line-line)

Thank you. The specs help a lot…

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