CSI2 Interface of Jetson AGX with RADAR Sensor

Hello ,

I am working on CSI2 interfacing of Jetson AGX Xavier with TI RADAR Sensor.

Communication control of RADAR Sensor from Jetson is done with I2C through the 40 pin expansion header and the RADAR sends RAW16 data via the CSI2 ports.

I now wanted to implement the CSI2 data part on the Jetson code to receive this data.

Could anyone let me know where should I start or what should be done on the Jetson side ?

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Have reference to below document to implement the driver for it.


Hello Shane,

Thanks for the reply.

Is it mandatory I modify the device tree or is it possible that I access the v4l2 ioctl user space functions alone for the obtaining the data?

If I were to modify the device tree, what values do I configure for the frame rate , hdr ratio etc…, since I use a RADAR Sensor instead of a camera sensor.( I referred to the imx185 configuration)

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You need modify the device tree. Also you can reference to ov5693 for none HDR sensor.

Hi Shane,

Could you give more clarity on your reply. What does a none HDR Sensor stand for ?


Just use ov5693 as template to develop your driver.

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