CSIMUX_STREAM error in serial_ab and serial_ef stream

Hi Everyone,
I am working in Jetson xavier NX board with following specification.
Lane Configuration : 3 * 4
Data Resolution : 60k * 1(width * Height) → Custom data
Speed : 900Mbps and 1350Mbps
IC1 connected in stream_ab, IC2 connected in stream_cd and Ic3 connected in stream_ef. I can successfully receive data for 900Mbps from 3 ICs. But When am reading data in 1.3Gbps only IC2 can able to receive data successfully and other 2 ICs not reading data and producing CSIMUX_STREAM error.
I would be great if someone can help me to debug it . Here I have attached trace log in text file.trace.txt (89.9 KB)

Thanks for your time

Issue solved: GLOBAL type:PHY_INTR0 phy:0 error in EMMC xavier Nx module at 1.3Gpbs - #5 by JerryChang