CT liver annotation models no longer available on NGC?

Just wanted to double check. It seemed like multiple CT annotations models were taken down during the weekend, including ct_annotation_liver. The segmentation models are still available but I could not use those models with the boundary method in 3D Slicer. Any advice? Will these annotation models be coming back?

Hi there,

If you have already downloaded and using the model (model.ckpt or model.trt.pb) without any problems.
You can continue doing that.

If you have an old models but you want to use it with new container.
You need to modify the config_aiaa.json.
Because some transforms are different across versions (please refer to: https://docs.nvidia.com/clara/tlt-mi/clara-train-sdk-v3.0/nvmidl/appendix/mapping_of_old_to_new.html)


Thanks, Yuan-Ting. It just happens that I am setting up a new server during the weekend and I do not have the model files downloaded. Are they still available somewhere? Potentially on a github repo? Let me know. Thanks again!