CTI Astro Carrier Board Flashing USB Problem


I am setting upTX2i with Astro Carrier board(ASG001) and Breakout board(XBG206).
I followed the guide i linked below:

At the flashing point, i select my HW but it pop up a USB problem. It says the device isnt in recovery mod or not connected. If i flash via sdkmanager it starts flashing but in cti-flash.sh script or manual way ends up with USB error.

  • When i check “lsusb” NVidia Corp. show up (in every guide the device ID same and 0955:7C18 but in my situation 0955:7018 idk if it can cause a problem).

  • The second cause comes to my mind. I accidently flash with standart jetpack4.4 before.

If anyone can help i would be great.

Are you using a VM for the host? If so, then this can (and usually does) cause this. If not using a VM for a host, are you using the supplied micro-B USB cable? Charger cables have issues with reliability.

Astro carrier board and breakout board doesnt have micro usb for booting. They gave usb2.0 port. Changing a dip switch activates booting at force recovery. So i am connectes with usb to usb cable.

I have not seen one of these boards, but a USB port must be able to operate in device mode for this to work. A regular type-A port can only be in host mode unless there has been a violation of standards. Type-A to type-A cables should only exist for use in adapting sizes, and not for direct host-to-device connections. This does not mean that something was not customized to make this possible on the CTI carrier board, but it would require careful reading of their documents to know how to use such a feature (and perhaps it would also require a custom cable…don’t know). Are there any CTI documents on using this carrier in recovery mode for flashing? Having an ability to go into recovery mode tends to imply CTI has planned for this, but I do not know their specific hardware (you would need to follow those directions carefully to get host-to-device instead of host-to-host).

If you happen to have a different carrier board, then know that you can flash from that other carrier board and then move the module to the CTI board.

@Enivicivokke did you set the DIP8 switch 7 (if I recall right) OFF? That’s for putting the USB2 port to flash mode.

Did you solder a switch between pins FR and GND on the breakout board?

Also, just to make sure, do you run the flash script as sudo?

I’m not using the cti script anymore and built my own yocto distribution, so I don’t recall exactly what the CTI script does other than changing device tree, using their pre-build kernel with patches, etc.

Did you try to run the

sudo ./flash.sh astro-revG±tx2i mmcblk0p1

If you flashed the another L4T version of without the patches it doesn’t matter. If you look at the bootflow the force recovery mode detection happens before the CPU bootloader of you can always re-flash and nothing’s left behind.

The issue is solved.
The problem caused by fresh installed Ubuntu. At flashing point python2.7 required. python3.6 is not enough.