cuArray3DCreate returns Invalid value allocating 3D array problem

Hi All,

I have a strange problem.

When I’m trying to allocate a 3D array using the Driver API (the sample code). This code works for YSize<2000 but when I try YSize>2000 it returns Invalud value error (0001) !!!

I need to allocate for now a 3D array of 20002500200 of float values, I have Tesla C1060 Card . Do any one have an idea why I have that error?

I really can’t find my limitation for a 3D array size on Tesla, any help in that also is much appreciated.



VolumeDesc.Format		  = CU_AD_FORMAT_FLOAT;

VolumeDesc.Depth	   	= ZSize;

VolumeDesc.NumChannels 	= 1;

VolumeDesc.Width	   	= XSize;

VolumeDesc.Height		  = YSize;

VolumeDesc.Flags		= 0;

cutilDrvSafeCall(cuArray3DCreate(&GPUArr_Volume, &VolumeDesc));