Cube/Object Transform dimensions

I have an Object…Lets call it Cube…
I can go to Transform Window and change it’s Location, Scale, Rotation just fine.

Question is…Is there a Window that shows Cube x/y/z size/dimensions?

If the cube is current 100cm x 100cm x100cm…I need a window box to enter a new cube size to 350cm x 250cm x 150cm.

It’s probably in a super easy place to find but I’ve been through tons of tutorials, searches, etc. and can’t find it.


@markb3d my personal experiences were limited to either scaling the object or relying on DCCs to establish the appropriate size and accuracy. there is a “Measure” tool under the Tools menu that allows you to measure your cube after the fact, but i don’t believe that’s what you are asking.

What are DCC’s?…
hopefully that is not code? I don’t know how to code, well I know html and PHP but I don’t think those are relevant anymore.

I do use the measure tool a lot…
Looking more for the standard x/y/x boxes where you would see size of object or enter the size of a cube, plane, cylinder, etc.

DCCs are “digital content creation” tools like Blender, Max, Maya, etc. my understanding is that OV isn’t meant to be a modeling program nor is it attempting to establish itself to compete with other packages out there (at least up to this point).

in a way, it’s more of a sandbox to assemble elements together in order to carry out simulations and other more complex computation; hence, the rollout of connectors that would allow more efficient file transfer between OV apps and other DCCs is critical. under that context, people would be able to spend time in package(s) they are an expert in rather than having to rely both programs to offer same sets of features to complete your work.

but who knows, perhaps the dev would consider this a feature request for the future. 🙂

I do use 3DS Max alongside Composer. I knew right away I wasn’t going to do any heavy modeling inside Composer. I was just looking for some simple privative creation/sizing inside Composer. Really I was just using the cubes to check/scale of assets like buildings, vehicles, etc. Ya know, create a 3m/10ft. cube then bring in asset like a single story building and make sure the scales roughly match.

Thanks for all the help.