cubin reading

Googling around doesn’t seem to pay off so: does anybody have tips on how to get familiar with cubins/how to read them?

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If you’re working on Maxwell you can check out my assembler project:

If you want to use the tool to extract shader assembly (sass), then you’ll want to use cuda 6.5 (or at least copy the nvdisasm from 6.5). It seems nvdisasm 7.0 and beyond garble the output a bit for some unknown reason. This garbling also happens to break cuda-gdb debugging in assembly (so maybe I’ll eventually get around to submitting a bug report).

Anyway, if you’re generally interested in cubins or sass, there’s a fair amount of information to be found there. The cubin itself is just a slightly customized ELF format and you can examine it with a tool like readelf.