cublas compilation problem

Hi, I use cuda on windows xp and microsoft visual studio 2008. I usually compile .cu sources with nvcc into .exe. But now I wanted to try cublas library, so I did simple example source. Compilation failed, problem was with cublas.h. I have cuda normally on C:/CUDA. This is copy of my cuda profiler file. The only thing that I changed was c compiler bindir. When I want to use cuda with cublas.h and cufft.h, have I fill also INCLUDES and LIBRARIES? I was confused with various $… Next, during compilation with nvcc, normally I use nvcc -o source
have I add libraries and headers to this when I want to use cublas? Thanks for any help.

TOP = $(HERE)/…

PATH += (TOP)/extools/bin;(TOP)/open64/bin;(TOP)/bin;(TOP)/lib;

INCLUDES += “-I$(TOP)/include” “-I$(TOP)/include/cudart” $(SPACE)

LIBRARIES =+ (_SPACE_) "/LIBPATH:(TOP)/lib" cudart.lib

compiler-bindir = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin