CUBLAS for multiple GPU support

Hi all,

I met a problem of “CUBLAS_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED” when i tried to use cublas and multiple GPU in single node. Does anybody know that CUDA 6.0 already support this feature or not? Thanks

cublasXt API is only supported on 64-bit platform : cublasXtCreate will return CUBLAS_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED if the platform is not 64-bit

Moreover, with the current licensing, the cublasXt API limits the number of GPus selectable to 2 . cublasXtDeviceSelect will return CUBLAS_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED if you select more than 2 Gpus. Please contact Nvidia at if you want to select more than 2 Gpus.


I’m using cuda 6.0, on a 64bits platform, and I also have that problem of “CUBLAS_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED”. Are there other things that can make that error appears ?