cublas function symbol names change

It seems that the function name symbols in libcublas have changed from CUDA 3.2 to CUDA 4.0:

$ nm -D |grep cublas

000000000002b250 T cublasAlloc

0000000000095930 T cublasCaxpy

0000000000096730 T cublasCcopy

0000000000097680 T cublasCdotc

0000000000098b70 T cublasCdotu

000000000003cc80 T cublasCgbmv

$ nm -D |grep cublas

000000000002c280 T cublasCaxpy_v2

000000000002f480 T cublasCcopy_v2

0000000000023ef0 T cublasCdotc_v2

0000000000023ee0 T cublasCdotu_v2

0000000000048840 T cublasCgbmv_v2


Does anyone know why this was done? I encountered it when loading cublas functions into Python with ctypes.

This is apparently due to the new CUBLAS interface
introduced in CUDA 4.0; although a legacy interface is accessible via C, there are apparently no actual legacy function symbols in the library anymore.