CUBLAS indexing macros 'Ve i misunderstood or 're the macros in cublas library wrong?

I am newbie to CUDA and I was just trying to start using ‘cublas’. I had some trouble in getting my mind around the ‘Column major storage’ and ‘1 based indexing’ in cublas. But once i did, it seems to me that the macro’s given in the cublas library for changing the indexing wouldnt work. But since this is official NVIDIA, it is possible, that I have misunderstood what is actually required.

 Consider the following array. Array = [ (0,0)  (0,1)  (0,2)  (0,3) 
                                                          (1,0)  (1,1)  (1,2)  (1,3) ]

This is an array as it would be used in C. So, in cublas, the corresponding index numbers would be…

                                             Array = [ 1  3  5  7
                                                            2  4  6  8 ]      right??

The macro given in cublas documentation is #define IDX2C(i, j, ld) = (((j) *(ld)) + i) ld - leading dimension: In this case the number of rows.

By this macro, the index of element (0,2) would be 2*2 + 0 = 4. But the index should actually be 5 right… Shouldnt the macro be #define IDX2C(i,j,ld) ((j * ld) + (i+1))??

Or have I understood it wrongly??