cublasAlloc not working with Fortran ?


I’m coding in Fortran 90 and trying to access the Cublas libraries.

When using the function cublasInit, the .exe file returns 0 as Cublas success status but as soon as I call cublasAlloc, my fortran code returns me 3 as cublas alloc failed due to a lack of memory. I got 2 gpu geforce 8800 GTS 512 so since i’m trying from now to allocate some really small arrays, I don’t think the lack of memory is the real problem.

Furthemore, if I use cuMalloc, the gpu returns 0 as cuda success but then i still can’t use the next cublas function like cublasSetVector ( obviously returning cublas mapping error ).

Anyway, I’m working with hydrodynamics models which are all coded in fortran90 so I definitely have to keep the same language… :blink:

Any clue ?