cublasLt64_11.dll is using AVX 512 on Windows 7!

I compiled a program (lc0 chess) in windows 10 because it wouldn’t work on 7 with new RTX 3080. So when I finally got the files and tested on Windows 7 I find out that there is some AVX 512 going on. Now i’m going to have to try opencl/openblas w/e. Could you please recompile cublasLt64_11.dll and anything else affected to check for Windows 7? MS fixed something in that dept since VS 16.3 I read, anyway it shouldn’t be too complicated.

still a problem with latest, imho abandoning win 7 is a little bit on the crazy side heh! send in the lithium! i’ve got massive system on win 7, if u think just going willy nilly to win 10 is ok u don’t have a massive system. plus there’s millions using it ofc. please reconsider this win 7 assault.