cuCtxCreate causing high interrupts/sec on Windows Server 2012

I am running tests on an HP E5 server with a Tesla M4 card, running Windows Server 2012 R2. I’ve noted that when I launch an NVENC session, I see a spike in the interrupts/sec rate (seen via Perfmon).

Specifically, it is the cuCtxCreate call which consistently pushes the rate to over 500k interrupts/sec. This momentarily stalls other threads running on the CPU cores which can affect the stability of our application.

I isolated this behavior by running the ‘NvEncoderCudaInterop’ sample and monitoring the Perfmon data while stepping through the initialization phase of the app.

Here is the command line I used:

NvEncoderCudaInterop.exe -i d:\media\HeavyHandIdiot.3sec.yuv -o out.h264 -size 1920 1080 -startf 0 -endf 0

I’d like to know if we can do anything to mitigate this behavior?


How did you acquire the M4 card? Are you working with anyone at NVIDIA for product evaluation?

We are working with Michael Kaplan on a product evaluation. We received 10 pre-release M4 cards for development on our “Lightspeed Live Server” product. We’ve since purchased an additional 50 units for our product release next week.

Here’s our press release if you need more info to help prioritize this issue:

BTW, we’re running driver version which is dated 4/12/16. We can try a driver update if you think that might help.