CUDA 1.1 and 8600gt M (macbook pro)

I’ve been using CUDA successfully on my MacBook pro with a 8600GT M card for some time, but when I installed the 169.9 drivers (with .inf file from and the CUDA 1.1 toolkit and SDK (uninstalled everything first) CUT_INIT_DEVICE fails and says no compatible device found. Anyone else have this problem? I’d really appreciate any help.

Erik Sintorn

Did you add

nvcuda.dll = 1 at the end of SourceDisksFiles section


nvcuda.dll at the end of nv.display section of the inf file?

Nope, not in the least. Thank you very much I will try this when I get home.

Just got this working on a MacBook Pro with 8600M GT in Boot Camp.
The hacked INF file needed no other tweaks ( I used 169.09 from the laptopvideo2go ).
All the changes recommended by thegallier were already in there.
The only special thing I had to do to get past those errors was copying the nvcuda.dll into WINDOWS/system32/

After that the bin executables all started running.
This is hot stuff! (my laptop fan starts whirring immediately)

Now to get a Mac OS X native version…


Would you have any idea how to get it running for macbook aluminium with 9400m card? It would be really helpful.



I’m afraid I don’t have any experience with that new machine.
I know I had to upgrade the drivers on my machine to get it working since Apple’s drivers weren’t up to snuff (at least for the Windows side).
Figured that out through this site:

Perhaps that’s your problem since the laptop is so new?

Good luck.