CUDA 1.1 Roll for Rocks Cluster?

Is there a chance that NVidia will release a CUDA 1.1 Roll for Rocks Cluster ( In the moment only the 1.0 version is available and the CUDA Roll is only available for Rocks 4.3 and not for the new Rocks 5, maybe someone at NVidia could update the Roll (for both Rocks Cluster versions) or release the source code for the Roll so that whoever :-) is interested can build the Rocks Cluster Roll from scratch?


An updated roll with CUDA 1.1 for Rocks 4.3 should be available very soon, followed in the near future by a roll for Rocks 5.

Do you have a release date for the Rocks 5.0 roll?

Any news about the release date for the CUDA 1.1 roll for Rocks 5.0?