Cuda 10.0 and GPU driver

I managed to install Cuda 10 , Cudnn and TensorRT and it seems that it downgraded the driver to 410.48, the lastest driver is 410.57. Should I upgrade or just leave it alone? I don’t want it to do a meltdown on me.

For ease of use, each CUDA version ships with a matching driver, typically the (or near the) minimal driver version required for that version CUDA. You can always install newer drivers later after your initial CUDA installation. In fact that is a common usage pattern, as new driver become available in something like a monthly cadence, while CUDA versions have something resembling a yearly cadence.

It is always possible for a new driver version to introduce new bugs (while it fixes old ones), so it is your choice when and how often to update the driver package.

If you have already a newer driver package installed prior to CUDA installation, you can elect to preserve it by unselecting the driver-installation part of the CUDA installation.