CUDA 10.1 post-intallation actions

Dear all,

I have just installed CUDA 10.1 (from the .deb file) for Linux Mint 19.1 and as far as I understood it has been installed correctly. The appropriate driver has been installed with CUDA authomatically.
Then I performed post-installation actions from the documentation
The problem is that “nvcc -V” doesn’t see CUDA until I specify the $PATH. If I reboot the system or just close the terminal, it loses $PATH and the output is: “Command ‘nvcc’ not found”.

My question is:
How can I authomatize the $PATH determinition? Can I add the $PATH to any file (.bashrc or smth else) and if yes, then which file should I customize?
I’m not a prof in Linux and detalized answer will be relevant :)

yes, a typical approach is to add it to .bashrc

The lines you add to the end of .bashrc are exactly the same as what is shown in the linux install guide.