Cuda 10.1 RHEL6 run file not working properly

Trying to install cuda 10.1 via the RHEL6 run file. I’m struggling because the options listed by --help and/or posted in this forum aren’t supported. I need the toolkit and cublas libraries.

./ --silent --toolkit --toolkitpath=$PWD/install --librarypath=$PWD/install --tmpdir=$PWD/temp
Output: Unknown option: librarypath

./ --silent --toolkit --toolkitpath=$PWD/install --defaultroot=$PWD/install --tmpdir=$PWD/temp
Output: Unknown option: defaultroot

Output of help:
./ --help
Performs an installation with no further user-input and minimal
command-line output based on the options provided below. Silent
installations are useful for scripting the installation of CUDA.
Using this option implies acceptance of the EULA. The following flags
can be used to customize the actions taken during installation. At
least one of --driver, --uninstall, --toolkit, and --samples must
be passed if running with non-root permissions.

Install the CUDA Driver.

Install the CUDA Toolkit.

Install the CUDA Toolkit to the directory. If this flag is not
provided, the default path of /usr/local/cuda-10.1 is used.

Install the CUDA Samples.

Install the CUDA Samples to the directory. If this flag is not
provided, the default path of /home/novack/NVIDIA_CUDA-10.1_Samples is used.

Install libraries to the directory. If this flag is not provided,
the default path of your distribution is used. This flag only applies to
libraries installed outside of the CUDA Toolkit path.

Install everything to the directory. This flag sets the same values
as the toolkitpath, samplespath, and librarypath options.

Extracts driver runfile and the raw files of the toolkit and samples to

This is especially useful when one wants to install the driver using one or
more of the command-line options provided by the driver installer which
are not exposed in this installer.

Ignores compiler version checks which would prevent installation.

Prevents the driver installation from installing NVIDIA’s GL libraries.
Useful for systems where the display is driven by a non-NVIDIA GPU.
In such systems, NVIDIA’s GL libraries could prevent X from loading

Do not install the man pages under /usr/share/man.

Tells the driver installation to use as the kernel source directory
when building the NVIDIA kernel module. Required for systems where the
kernel source is installed to a non-standard location.

Tells the driver installation to run nvidia-xconfig to update the system
X configuration file so that the NVIDIA X driver is used. The pre-existing
X configuration file will be backed up.

This option should not be used on systems that require a custom
X configuration, or on systems where a non-NVIDIA GPU is rendering the

Do not install the nvidia-drm kernel module. This kernel module provides
several features, including X11 autoconfiguration, support for PRIME, and
DRM-KMS. The latter is used to support modesetting on wind owing systems
that run independently of X11. The ‘–no-drm’ option should only be used
to work around failures to build or install the nvidia-drm kernel module
on systems that do not need these features.

Performs any temporary actions within instead of /tmp. Useful in
cases where /tmp cannot be used (doesn’t exist, is full, is mounted with
‘noexec’, etc.).

Prints this help message.