CUDA 10.1 sample simplegl shows Error: Support for necessary OpenGL extensions missing

I am connected to my VM remotely and have following configuration.

Windows 2019 Server
Tesla V100-SXM2-16GB
Visual Studio 2019
CUDA 10.1

When running simplegl example, it shows me error
Error: Support for necessary OpenGL extensions missing.

How do i install OpenGL so that simplegl example run properly.

Your installation would need to put the V100 GPU in WDDM mode. I don’t think this is possible with the Tesla windows driver for V100. Windows needs to be able to build an OpenGL stack on the GPU. It cannot do that with the GPU in TCC mode.

Switch to a different GPU that can support WDDM mode in windows.

Thanks Robert, I switched to NVIDIA GRID (G3) and it is working fine. As i read G3 support OpenGL.