CUDA 10.1 support


Does anyone here know if CUDA 10.1 support is coming to AGX Xavier? If so around when?

Thanks so much, this would really help with planning.

Hi asp77,

We plan to have it support with Jetson platforms in few months later, may I know why the CUDA 10.1 is mandatory for your project?

Thank you for the update. I’m interested in PTX ISA 6.4 support.

Another issue that would be good to get fixed on Xavier is failures in cuda-memcheck that seem to be fixed in 10.1 according to this thread:

May I ask about the current state of a CUDA version >10.0 for Xavier? Is it coming soon?
Another reason why that would be really helpful is a bug that hinders one from using the only existing CuSPARSE routine for half precision csrmv operations. And half precision csrmm is not even theoretically possible with CuSPARSE 10.0. So the generic API/routines would really help.