CUDA 10.2: a bug in cublasLt.h ?

At line 875,

cublasStatus_t CUBLASWINAPI
    cublasLtHandle_t lightHandle,
    cudaDataType_t computeType,
    cudaDataType_t scaleType,
    cudaDataType_t Atype,
    cudaDataType_t Btype,
    cudaDataType_t Ctype,
    cudaDataType_t Dtype,
    int requestedAlgoCount,
    int algoIdsArray[],
    int *returnAlgoCount);

cudaDataType_t is not defined. Both MSVC and Clang complain of it with different errors.

in library_types.h

typedef enum cudaDataType_t { ... } cudaDataType;


#include <library_types.h>
typedef cudaDataType cudaDataType_t;
#include <cublasLt.h>

fix it.

Is it a bug? or do I miss something else?