CUDA 10.2 + nvrtcCompileProgram + device-debug + generate-line-info

Hi, trying to nvrtcCompileProgram with device-debug and generate-line-info a specific .cu file/code. but it gives me this error :

/usr/include/features.h(461): catastrophic error: cannot open source file “sys/cdefs.h”

1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of “axCUDAAlgorithms/src/cuda_kernels/”.
Compilation terminated.

If I dont specify --device-debug or --generate-line-info in options then it compiles OK.

NB: the exact same has no issue with CUDA 11.2.

is it a limitation of cuda 10.2 or something I do wrongly eventually (more certainly I hope) ?

NB2: the specificity of this .cu code is - I believe - that it :

#include <cooperative_groups.h>

any help appreciated…

Have just double checked:

actually it’s by using --device-debug that triggers the issue.