CUDA 10.2 with ToolKit 11.0

Hey guys, i hope you’re all doing well. I have CUDA 10.2 installed on my Xavier NX and I want to download the latest version of CUDA ToolKit (version 11).

Is this going to cause conflicts or compatibility issues? I don’t want to go through updating CUDA itself because I already managed to compile OpenCV with CUDA10.2, don’t want to go through that again haha. Additionally, i don’t know how JetPack 4.4 would react to updating CUDA since this is how JetPack 4.4 was configured already.

Any thoughts or answers? Thanks!

Hi MostafaTheReal,

That can’t work well if you upgrade to the latest version than using the version from JetPack. There are dependencies at low layer drivers/libraries, thus you only can use the version from JetPack.

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So if i keep CUDA 10.2 which came with jetpack, can i still install the Cuda ToolKit 11.0 safely?

I just want access to the additional tools that the ToolKit provides.

I don’t understand how you do the installation safely, but don’t think they can co-exist well at your environment.