Cuda 11.0 not working in Windows 10

I can’t get Cuda 11.0 working in a fresh install of Windows 10

I have installed VS2019 and afterwards installed Cuda 11.0. The installation finishes fine without any errors.
When I run DeviceQuery in the extra’s directory it sees both GPU’s correctly (a Quadro K500 and Tesla M40)
However when I run any of the samples I get nothing.
I have made a very simple test (just use the default project that is made when you choose a new Cuda application in VS2019). After running it says that there are cuda devices found.

When I go back to Cuda 10.2 that I used in the past, everything runs fine.

The strange thing is that samples of 10.2 run fine and 11.0 give an error that there is no device found. While the devicequery of 11.0 finds both devices.

What is wrong?