Cuda 11.4 on Rocky 9 Linux

Is there a way to install nvidia-driver-470 and cuda-11.4 on Rocky 9 Linux?
AFAIK the latest driver that supports my Nvidia Quadro K6000 is 470 and the latest cuda version that runs with 470 is 11.4. Is that correct?
The cuda-rhel9-x86_64 repo only contains drivers starting from 515 and cuda 11.7.
Even if I tried to install the 470 driver with the run-file then I would still need cuda 11.4 which is only available for rhel-8.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

I ended up installing the packages from the rhel-8 repo and it seems to work so far. I only had to tell the package manager to ignore missing python36 dependencies.

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