Cuda 11.5 on Windows 10 for Quadro K4200

after installed the cuda 11.5, in the install message it told that the driver 496.13 can not find compatible hardware. however i can see in the device manager showing the display adapter is K4200, seems the cuda pack identified the K4200 card hardware.
based on this, my software call cuda will crash, i think it’s caused that cuda pack driver is not compatible with display card.
on another computer, i used Quadro T1000 card, and same software env installed, my software works well when calling cuda, and we can see a lot of image process has been off loaded to T1000 to be computed.
may i know how to fix the K4200 driver issue to make it supported by cuda 11.5? thanks.

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Unfortunately the K4200 is too old for 11.X. It’s a Kepler CC 3.0 card and the last Cuda Toolkit to support 3.0 is Cuda 10.2.