CUDA 11.6 and cudNN 8.3.2 on a Note Samsung Ativ Book 2 with GeForce 710M, running Ubuntu 20.04, kernel 5.13 and nvidia 390.144


I need help. My system details:

  • Notebook Samsung Ativ Book 2 NP270E5G-XD1BR
  • GeForce 710M (GF117M)
  • Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (Focal Fossa)
  • kernel 5.13.0-27-generic (also installed: 5.4.0-96 LTS)
  • Driver nvidia 390.144

About installing the nvidia driver…

I had some problems until I got it to work well. By default, the system installed the nouveau (generic) driver. Then I tried several versions of nvidia, until I got the 340. But there were some errors. Everything was perfect when I installed the 390 driver from the official repository. The nvidia website is very confusing, I couldn’t be sure which version would be the best.

Attempt to install CUDA and cudNN.

I downloaded and installed both (DEB) as instructed from the nvidia website. The local repositories (CUDA 11.6 and cudNN 8.3.2) were installed without issue. However, when I try to use the command to install CUDA, the message appears that it depends on cuda-11-6 but will not install, and that it is impossible to fix problems. If you try to install cuda 11.6 manually, the system needs to remove the nvidia 390 driver.

As I understand it, CUDA 11.6 has the 510 driver built in, but the nvidia website doesn’t list the GeForce 710M as one of the products supported in the 510 driver.

How to make things compatible?


That doesn’t work, your gpu is too old. It’s a Fermi based one which only supports cuda 8 max.

First of all, generix, thank you very much!

According to “nvidia x server settings”, the graphics card has 96 CUDA cores.

I would like to know if there is a way to compile a program to use these CUDA cores.

Specifically a chess engine, Leela Chess Zero (Lc0).

Looking at their website, LC0 needs min. cuda 9.2 support, so this doesn’t work with your gpu.


It’s time to change the computer. What a pity, he’s so good…