CUDA 11.6 missing project templates in visual studio 2022

I’ve just installed 11.6 (on Windows 10 x64, with Visual Studio 2022 17.0.5) along with the separate NSight for VS 2022.1.1 release. I can open and compile/run CUDA projects like the samples just fine.
However, when attempting to create a new project, the templates for CUDA projects are completely missing. While I know a “normal” cpp project can be modified to be a cuda project, that’s quite a bit more work - are the templates missing for anyone else who’s gotten the chance to use 11.6 with vs2022, or did my installation forget them for some reason?

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How many VS instances did you have on your machine ? Could you please list them all ?
Also please check if this folder appears on your local , For example of VS2022 Pro ,
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\Common7\IDE\Extensions\NVIDIA\CUDA 11.6 Wizards\11.6

I only have one instance installed (VS2022 Community). I did have more before (VS2019 Community as well as VS2022 Preview Community) but they’ve both been uninstalled prior to me installing CUDA 11.6, around when VS2022 released proper. I also had CUDA 11.3 installed on the 2019 instance.

The Wizards/11.6 folder does exist in my VS2022 path, seems to be a symlink to C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\v11.6\extras\visual_studio_integration\CudaProjectVsWizards\17\ which as far as I can tell should be correct. It also does seem to include everything that’s necessary (vsixmanifest, dll, pkgdef and ItemTemplates and ProjectTemplates folders with their own items)

I see , please try to perform steps below

  1. Make sure at leave 1 MSVC version is installed on your machine from VS installer
  2. Call out VS2022 Developer Command Prompt , try ‘devenv /updateconfiguration’ and restart your VS to check if you can see the CUDA templates entry .

Doing devenv /updateconfiguration did make the CUDA 11.6 Runtime template show up. Thanks!