CUDA 11 Features Revealed

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The new NVIDIA A100 GPU based on the NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture delivers the greatest generational leap in accelerated computing. The A100 GPU has revolutionary hardware capabilities and we’re excited to announce CUDA 11 in conjunction with A100. CUDA 11 enables you to leverage the new hardware capabilities to accelerate HPC, genomics, 5G, rendering, deep…

Hi! I have problems with executing nvidia-smi commands on Ampere which were fully working on Turing.
Clocks, caches and other gives Unknown error.
Failed to initialize NVML: Unknown Error

I have newest drivers up to date.
Do I have to have CUDA applet installed to manipulate the clocks?



None of the links at the bottom of the article are working. They all 404.

@a13ph.fsal – Sorry about that! The links have now been updated to the GTC On-Demand site. Let me know if you have any other comments about our posts…

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