CUDA 12.3 Project templates missing from Visual Studio 2022

As the title of the subject states, templates are missing. I do also have VS2019 installed, and on there also are missing.

I managed to find the following thread discussing the issue, but the suggested fix did not work out for me.

Hi, @trent13

Please check CUDA not installing correctly for it to appear in Microsoft Visual Studio - #28 by veraj and have a try.

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Yes, after couple of more tries, it finally displayed an additional message about the success of the installation, and now the project templates appear.

Odd how that happened. In the thread I linked, there was a mention about making the installer better, but I really don’t see that to have happened. There was another issue of it not liking version 10 of the toolkit installed, but no reason given for failure, nor any install log.

Thanks for the assistance.

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