CUDA 2.0 of Linux

Does anybody know when CUDA 2.0 becomes available for Linux (32bit/64 bit)? It would be good to know in order to save time on writing extra code for 3D textures which are not supported by 1.1.

It’s been out for quite a while now? Since June, I guess?

I suspect a misunderstanding has happened - When on the CUDA download page, , the first thing that comes up when you select Linux is the old CUDA 1.1 package for RHEL 3. It’s kind of counterintuitive to select another distro to find a newer version. Small human interface glitch.

Thank’s for the comments. I’m running CentOs 5.2 and CUDA 1.1.Can I just download any CUDA 2.0 or are there different OS specific versions?

install the package for RHEL5, because RHEL5 ~= CentOS 5.

Thanks for the hint. On a second machine we are running Fedora 9 and we are planning to buy a GTX280 card. Will the CUDA 2.0 tools for Fedora 8 run also under 9 or do you recommend to change the OS?

Fedora 9, if I am remembering correctly, runs gcc 4.3 which is unsupported (some things will not compile) until 2.1.

Hm … I see. Is there any roadmap for 2.1? Where can I find information about its schedule?