CUDA 2.0 on a CUDA 1.0 device

So i have an NVIDIA Quadro FX 3600M in my xp laptop that i plan to utilized CUDA with. As far as i know this isnt a fully CUDA 2.0 capable device (i think its only cuda 1.1 capable), but i want to use CUDA 2.0’s ability to write and read directx9 textures (i have existing code that uses dx9). Is this possible? Can you use the CUDA 2.0 sdk, and the new dx9 texture interop on this GPU?


There is a difference between CUDA software versions and the hardware compute capability versions. You can use any version of CUDA to program for any CUDA capabe device, but are limited to functions specific to the compute capability of your device, such as compute capability 1.0 cards not being able to use any of the atomic instructions.

This is all explained in detail in the programming guide, an Appendix A.1 of the guide will tell you the compute capability of your card (which btw is 1.1)

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