CUDA 2.0 on Ubuntu 8.04 User friendly

Can CUDA version 2.0 work on Linux version Ubuntu 8.04?

I know there no specific version of CUDA 2.0 for Ubuntu 2.0, but maybe - just maybe CUDA 2.0 will work with little if any changes.

I hope that it will.



So this is plan B?

Having been unable to install and get the fully supported CUDA version for your Linux distro to work, you want to try and install the older, unsupported CUDA version instead?

Irrespective of distro incompatibilities (and there will be several), it won’t work, for precisely the same reason that you haven’t been able to get CUDA 2.1 to work. There are support libraries and headers in the driver bundle that must present for CUDA to work. You don’t have those, it won’t work. That means you have to either install the complete driver bundle (which requires a supported card as outlined in one of your earlier threads), or the support files it contains (which requires steps which have already been outlined in one of your earlier threads).

Yes, it works. No guarantees from me, but it definitely does work. Don’t tell mom you’re doing it though.