CUDA 2.1 BETA Notebook Drivers for Windows

CUDA 2.1 BETA developer drivers for notebooks are now available at the following locations:…nglish_beta.exe…nglish_beta.exe…nglish_beta.exe…nglish_beta.exe

Each of these driver packages can be installed on over 400 notebook models, but are considered BETA since they have not been fully tested.

Several known issues, including failure to resume from standby/hibernate on some notebook models, may limit the usefulness of these driver packages for some developers.

They are provided for developer use only and will not be available to end users via or supported for production applications.

The next production (supported) release for notebook drivers will come with CUDA 2.2 in a few months.

Please see for the latest production (supported) notebook drivers.

Please give your feedback in this thread.