CUDA 2.1 for OS X

After much delay, here it is! There will be less (or no) delay with 2.2 for OS X versus other platforms.

CUDA 2.1 Toolkit for OS X
CUDA 2.1 SDK for OS X

OK, um, I’ll bite. Where’s the 2.2 beta for OS X? There’s betas for all the other

platforms released last week.

There isn’t one just because of time constraints (OS X was a bit behind other platforms for 2.2). We’re trying very hard to release 2.2 for all platforms simultaneously in the not-too-distant future, though.

Also, before you think the SDK is broken (I did)–rm -rf the old SDK installation before you install the new one. If you don’t, you’ll probably get some weird linker errors.

Gotcha. Would really love to test our CUDPP dev branch before 2.2 is released though, just in case there’s weird Mac-only errors. Better to know before the release than after.

Both myself and one other upgrading from 2.0 initially found the 2.1 make file falling over on nbody with a linker error. We also found deleting the 2.0 installation indeed cures the problem. I have no other problems with 2.1 on a Mac Pro and 8800GT, and also have the windows version working on the same Mac Pro under Bootcamp with both an 8800GT and GTX260. What we really want is support for some CC1.3 hardware under OS X! If anyone is interested, I have put up some info at: