CUDA 2.1 Notebook Drivers for Windows

CUDA 2.1 developer drivers for notebooks are now available.
Please post feedback in this thread.

Hi Cyril,

Just wanted to provide the feedback that these still don’t work on my Dell Vostro 1500 - GeForce 8600M GT. I’ve attached screenshots of the error and system configuration for you to pass on as feedback.

Others at AccelerEyes were able to install them, but they still have the same stability issues that we’ve been getting with our modded 181.20 drivers - WinXP and WinVista don’t come back alive from Standby or Hibernation.




Also, in the meantime, since the CUDA 2.1 drivers do not have mobile support for my 8600M GT, I’ve been using modded drivers. These modded drivers are unable to recover from Standby mode in WinXP. And, so I’m forced to do a hard reboot. After these hard reboots, cudart.dll is missing from C:/CUDA/bin. Not sure why that’s getting deleted.

Jacket needs cudart.dll, so CUDA must be reinstalled everytime this occurs. It’s really weird that the dll would just disappear, even with modded drivers.



some feedback on the drivers.

I installed them to my laptop (vista 32-bit, 9500 M gs).

I have few issues:

  • During installation my screen went black, and did not wake up, I had to reboot. I was on batteries when installing, so the screen saver might have kicked in just during the blank period of installation.
  • My computer does not come out of sleep anymore, and I have to reboot every time. This is very very annoying. Please provide feedback, when new drivers are available, which fix this issue.

Other than that CUDA works, I run some samples from the SDK.



Thank you for your feedback!

These are known issues and I just edited the announcement to clarify this.


Thanks for making these available, this is much more convenient than the modded inf procedure. Installation was a breeze (Dell XPS M1330, 8400M GS, WinXp SP3 32 bits)

Will the sleep issue be fixed in the forthcoming 2.2 release? I am considering going back to 2.0 (and so to VS2005…) because of it.