CUDA 2.1 Roll For Rocks 5.1 CUDA 2.1 for Rocks 5.1 Is Nvidia Supporting it ?

I am looking for a CUDA 2.1 Roll for Rocks 5.1 environment. There have been previous releases for Rocks 4.3 and 5.0. However, everything went quiet after release of CUDA 2.1.

I am wondering if Nvidia still supports CUDA 2.1 in the Rocks 5.1 environment ? appreciate comments from someone who may know a few things about this. Mainly, I want to know if the development for cluster environment has stopped after the CUDA 2.1 release ?

Thank You.

I want to know it, too.

Clustercorp ( is offering a CUDA roll for Rocks 5.1, not sure if it is using CUDA 2.1.