cuda 3.0 beta problem gt8500

I tried to install cuda 3.0 beta on my machine with asus video card (8500 GT)
The video driver reverted back to 640x480 with 4 colors or something. I tried to reinstall several times, also clean by completely removing the video driver, but it does not work. I had the same problem when I just install the new video driver nv19107_winxp32. I run XP SP3
Reverting back to the old driver returned graphics to normal.
In cuda 2.3 there also seems to be a problem with the video card driver as resolution only gives the option -1x-1 pixels. I guess that 2.2 or 2.1 was the last one working for the 8500GT. I’ll have to try.
Indeed 2.2 gives normal resolution. (although I get a lot of errors on dll that are not found
the cuda sdk ocean demo also works under 2.2